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If you want your campground to be fully booked on a consistent basis, your online presence is critical. Today’s internet is driven by reviews, and 63% of organic search traffic happens on mobile. This means you have to do more than simply have a website!

To attract more customers, you need an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP). Most people go directly to Google to find out what businesses can provide them the services and products they need. This includes campgrounds!

If your business has a strong GBP, you’ll get more organic traffic than your competitors.

With a strong GBP, you’ll:

  • Be 7 to 10 times more likely to get clicks
  • Reach more of the 87% of customers using Google to choose a business
  • Receive 35 times more website clicks with campground images

How Does GBP Impact
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Advanced Google Business Profile Concepts Explained

Why You Need Questions and Answers (Q&As)

Adding questions and answers to your GBP gives potential clients quick answers to common questions. This can ease their fears and help visitors make the decision to work with you. Our team leverages Q&As to showcase your campground’s features and amenities to entice customers to make a reservation.

Add Keywords to Your GBP

It is essential to add relevant keywords to your website and GBP. These keywords are the terms that your customers are using to find you. Google will recognize these keywords on your profile and show your page accordingly. This means you need to understand your audience and utilize keyword research to determine the right keywords to incorporate into your GBP.

Enhance Your Profile with Geo-Tagged Photos

Modern smart phones store latitude and longitude coordinates in picture files. These are known as EXIF data. Google reads this data and incorporates it into its ranking algorithm. It tends to favor geo-tagged content. By ensuring photos are geo-tagged, we’ll boost your profile’s visibility in relevant searches.

Make Google Posts

Using your GBP like a social media platform allows Google to see that you’re an active and reliable business. These posts can provide valuable information about your campground and lead to increased calls for your services when it is paired with a click-to-call link. 


What is the difference between GMB and GBP?

GMB stands for Google My Business. Google renamed GMB as Google Business Profile (GBP) in 2022.

Does it cost money to verify your business on Google?

No, verifying your business on Google is free. Google requires you to complete a verification process to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of your business information.

Can GBP quickly improve my page rank?

Optimizing your GBP can have one of the fastest impacts on your Google rankings. Remember, though, that improving page rank takes time and depends on multiple factors, including the rest of your SEO strategy.

Does posting on Google Business Profile really make a difference?

Absolutely! Posting on your GBP provides an additional avenue to engage with potential customers and engage the Google algorithm.

Will Google Business Profile get me more customers?

Yes, a well-managed Google Business Profile can significantly increase your chances of attracting more customers.

Can I manage my Google Business Profile on my own?

While it’s possible to manage your GBP independently, professional expertise and industry knowledge give you a significant competitive advantage.

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